C75了 CD大潮又来了

:1: 说实话,半年一次真有点受不了。毕竟吾等share党并不像11区人士早早就通过试听锁定了中意的东西,基本上是发多少下多少。每年发一大堆,每年下一大堆,但是完全听不完。我现在都有点CD恐惧了……

:18: C75看来也会是这个情况,有时间的话还是尽量下尽量听,不喜欢的直接砍。如果再有时间的话,我会做一个C75推荐CD列表……

:8: 但愿吧……







DAEMON Tools Lite Version 4.30.2

What’s new (compared to DT Lite 4.30.1):

What’s new:
– CD/DVD/BluRay imaging ability;
– Images mounting from image catalog in menu;
– Auto update functionality;
– Preferences dialog;
– Some GUI improvements;
– Languages updates.

Bugs fixed:
– Images engine bugs;
– Device speed detection;
– Some minor GUI bugs.ages mounting fixes;


Xvid 1.2.0 released

Changes since 1.1.3:

xvidcore library

  • Complete AMD64/EM64T 64-bit support
  • Added support for WIN64 platform
  • Multi-threaded encoding support
  • SSE3/SSE4 optimizations
  • Faster and more precise mpeg intra quantization
  • Fixed bug in packed pixel format colorspace conversion
  • Noexec-stack security patch
  • Fix for bad resync marker length
  • Improved decoder robustness for broken streams containing B-frames
  • Fix for potential out-of-bound access to MV bits table
  • Added SSIM quality-metric plugin

VFW frontend

  • WIN64 compatibility
  • Added widgets for SSE3/SSE4
  • Auto-detection of available processor cores
  • Minor GUI cosmetics

DShow frontend

  • WIN64 compatibility
  • Minor GUI cosmetics

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